Corporate & Commercial

Incorporation, Business Contracts and Transactions

We evaluate clients' particular business and goals and to choose the most appropriate business entity for our clients to incorporate. Most common business entities include C Corporation, S Corporation, Limited Partnership (LP), and Limited Liability Company (LLC). We also handle business contracts and transactions for our clients.

Merger and Acquisition

For clients for who wish to acquire an exsiting business instead of establishing a new business. We help them with the process of purchasing an existing business.

Real Estate Transactions and disputes

We assist clients to purchase, lease and sell real properties and represent clients in the event of disputes. For clients who wish to invest in U.S. real estate market, Limited liability company is now the most effective means to conduct business. We set up limited liability companies for our clients, and to use the LLC effectively in tax and asset planning to achieve the maximum benefits.


The U.S. Supreme Court states the objectives of trademark law are as follows: "[T]rademark law, by preventing others from copying a source-identifying mark, reduce[s] the customer's cost's of shopping and making purchasing decisions,' for it quickly and easily assures a potential customer that the this item — the item with this mark — is made by the same producer as other similarly marked items that he or she liked (or disliked) in the past. At the same time, the law helps assure a producer that it (and not an imitating competitor) will reap the financial, reputation-related rewards associated with a desirable product."


A combination of Business law and immigration law practice. We assist companies which conduct international trade to establish branch offices in the United States. We file immigration papers for company executives, managers and special skill workers to obtain U.S. permanent resident status.

In addition, our firm teams up with tax certified public accountant, Michelle Lin, CPA, who is very experienced in tax planning and tax saving strategies for both business and individuals. Ms. Lin has many years work experience with PriceWaterhouseCoopers, the largest CPA firm in the world.

During years of practice, we found that a client who consults with an attorney only may ignore the tax-saving aspect of the business, and a client who consult with a CPA only may ignore an important legal issue. An effective business planning should cover both legal and tax aspects of the business. This make us believe a client should work with an attorney and a CPA together to get most benefit from the client's business.

With the joint forces from a CPA specializing in taxation, we are able to provide the one-stop service for all requirements of an international business to set up new branches in the United States. Clients are being taken care of all aspects of their new business needs in the US in terms of business entity, immigration and tax. Our goal is to let the clients enjoy the benefits of consideration of both the legal and tax issues in one whole planning.